Joseph Benner


Joseph Christian Benner was a veteran of World War II. He enlisted when the war broke out and served in the Army Air Corp. His highest rank earned was First Sergeant. Benner served in an administrative role and oversaw aircraft maintenance. He served in the 5th Force unit as well as in the United States in peacetime. He also returned to the Philippines with General Douglas MacArthur. The locations of Benner’s service also included Australia and New Guinea. He sustained service-related injuries.


Audio Recording of Interview (Interviewee was his wife Norma Sarvis):

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:20     Branch of service for both husbands

0:40     Widow’s early life, family and experiences

2:40     When husbands joined military service

3:40     Reasons husbands joined

4:30     Basic training and war experiences

8:10     Locations of military service

9:00     Benner’s wartime experiences

9:30     USO events

11:10   Widow supported the war effort

11:40   Widow coming to America

12:20   How war affected her as a civilian

15:40   Advice for newly-joined or potential soldiers


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