Norman Gibbs


Norman D. Gibbs is a veteran of World War II. He was born in Waterloo, Iowa on November 12, 1925. He enlisted and served from February 1944 to November 1945 in the Army Air Force. Gibbs’ highest rank earned was Staff Sergeant. Units he served in include the 463 Bomb Group 775 Squadron and the 15th Air Force. He was engaged in the Rhineland Air Combat Balkans and in battles and campaigns in the North Apennines and Po Valley. Other locations of military service include Europe, including being based in Italy. Gibbs also served as a waist gunner on a B-12 Bomber. Awards for his service include the Air Medal, Good Conduct Medal and Prisoner of War Medal.


Audio Recording of Interview:

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:20     Early life and family

0:50     Life before entering the service

1:00     Family members who served in the military

1:10     Drafted into the Air Force

2:30     Basic training

3:00     Adjusting to military life

3:50     War service in Italy and other travels

4:50     Combat experiences

7:40     Captured as a POW

10:30   Friendships formed

13:40   Off-duty experiences

15:00   Communication with family and friends

16:10   End of both theaters of WWII and liberation from prison camp

18:00   Transported home after liberated

22:40   Readjusting to civilian life

23:10   Contact with fellow veterans and veteran organizations

24:20   How war changed and affected him

25:30   Life lessons from service

25:50   Commentary on current wars

26:50   Advice for newly-joined or potential soldiers






Awards and Recognition:


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