Kenneth Cooper


Kenneth D. Cooper is a veteran of World War II. He was born on February 2, 1928 in Oneida, Kansas. He enlisted and served in the Navy from January 1946 to November 1947. Cooper’s highest rank was Yeoman 3rd Class. He served on the USS Dixie and as well as in Honolulu, the South Sea, and Tsingtao (present day Qingdao), China. His special duties included observing an atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll and being the Secretary of the Engineering Department while under direct command of the Lieutenant of the Engineering Department. Cooper also escorted sick and injured soldiers to hospitals on shore.


Audio Recording of Interview:

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:40     Enlisted to be a Yeoman, reasons why and experiences

3:10     Family members in the military

5:40     Early locations of service in the U.S.

6:10     Life before serving in the military

6:40     Experiences as a Yeoman

8:20     Basic training

10:10   Experiences on the USS Dixie and serving under highly ranked officer

18:20   Witnessed atomic bomb test at the Bikini Atoll

20:50   Post-service employment

24:20   More experiences serving under highly ranked officer

26:50   Advice to newly-joined or potential soldiers

29:40   No regrets in his military service

31:10   More experiences on the USS Dixie serving under the highly ranked officer






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