Edward Sarvis


Edward J. Sarvis is a veteran of World War II. He was born in Warren, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1924. He enlisted and served in the Army Air Corp. Sarvis’ highest rank was sergeant. He served in multiple squadrons as a flight engineer airplane mechanic, including the 8th Air Force, the 1466 Air Force Base Unit. The 17 bases he was posted at and battles locations were in India, Alaska and England. Sarvis also participated in the Pacific and European Theatres. He was awarded service awards for good conduct and victory in some of these locations. Sarvis’ service in the military placed him among many of his family members who had also engaged in war.


Audio Recording of Interview

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:30                 Early life and family

2:30                 Enlisted into the Air Force

3:50                 Mechanic training and service locations

15:50               End of war and discharge

22:10               Closest combat experience

22:50               Family members in the military

29:20               Friends lost in the war

37:20               All family members survived WWII

46:40               Difficulty finding employment after discharge

53:20               Attended college after discharge

55:50               Work as an engineer after his service

57:30               Personal life

01:03:00           How the war affected him and other veterans, war experiences and other comments

01:22:20           Advice for newly-joined or potential soldiers and more war experiences


Photographs and recognition:


Pages in a photo album featuring photos taken by Sarvis during his time in Alaska


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