Bert Bailiff


Bert Allen Bailiff is a veteran of World War II. He was born in Loma Linda, California on October 21, 1923. He enlisted and served from December 1942 to October 1945 in the Army Air Corps. His highest earned rank was Master Sergeant. Bailiff served in battles and campaigns in Normandy and Central Europe as well as serving in Africa and the Middle East. He was captured as a prisoner of war in Germany and sustained war-related injuries. He was given a couple of awards for his service, including the Purple Heart.


Audio Recording of Interview:

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:20     Early life and family

2:30     Drafted

4:00     Basic training experiences and friendships formed

6:30     War experiences

11:00   First Combat experience

14:40   More friendships formed

15:40   Shot down and captured as a POW on first mission

32:40   Released from POW camp

36:30   Communication with family as a POW

40:00   Returning home after service in Europe

48:40   Discharged from service

50:10   Readjusting to civilian life

50:40   Contact with other veterans and veteran organizations

50:50   How war changed him

52:50   Life lessons from service in the military

55:00   Advice to newly-joined or potential soldiers




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