Richard Burton


Richard Burton was a veteran of the Korean War. He was born on March 23, 1936 in New York, New York. He enlisted and served three years in the early to mid-1950s. The highest rank Burton earned was A2C Airmen 2nd Class. He served in a classified Air Force Base in Nevada as a technician. The base was one of many that taught skills to soldiers. This base taught escape and evasion tactics.


Audio Recording of Interview:

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:10     Early life and family

0:40     Life before military service

1:00     Family members who served in the military

1:30     Enlisted in the Air Force and reasons why

2:10     Basic training

2:50     Adaptation to military life

4:00     Service experience on a base

5:30     Combat training

6:50     Friendships formed

7:10     Served as a technician on the base

8:10     Off-duty activities

9:10     Communication with family and friends

9:35     End of the war and coming home

10:40   Readjustment to civilian life

11:20   Contact with other veterans

11:40   How war affected him

12:40   Life lessons from his service

13:10   Advice for newly-joined or potential soldiers


Photographs and Documents:


Photographs and Book of Burton’s father, Paul Burton:


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