James Ewing


James T. Ewing is a veteran of the Korean War. He was born in Durand, Wisconsin on November 5, 1932. He was drafted and served in the Air Force. His highest rank was Staff Sergeant. In Europe and Africa he served in the 26th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. One of missions was photographing images of Russia to be analyzed. One of his special duties was maintaining ground electronics support of airborne cameras and refueling aircraft. He was given an award for good conduct in the European Theatres.


Audio Recording of Interview:

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:20                 Early life and family

2:50                 Drafted

4:20                 Family members in the military

12:00               Drafted into the Air Force

17:40               Basic training

23:00               Favorable aspects of military service

25:20               Physical training for the military

26:30               Dates and locations of basic training and service, experiences

33:30               Friendships formed

40:40               Off duty and on leave experiences

43:00               Communication with family

45:20               No distinct ending for the Korean Conflict

46:40               Coming home after military service

49:00               Ease of readjusting to civilian life

50:00               Contact with other veterans

52:20               How war changed him

55:40               Life lessons from service in the military

58:20               Advice for newly-joined or potential soldiers

01:12:50           Brothers’ and wounded veterans’ service experiences in the war


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