Sharon Jean


Sharon Jean Miller Parker is a veteran of Desert Storm. She was born in Riverside, California on April 29, 1967. Parker enlisted and served in the Air Force. Her highest ranks earned were Senior Airman and Sergeant E-4. She served in the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom and in an Air Force Base in Germany. She received many awards for her service in the Air force, including, but not limited to, a Training Ribbon, Small Arms Expert Marksman, the National Defense Service Medal and the James A. Carroll, Jr. Award for Excellence in Club Management and Excellence in Management Award for Bowling Centers, Golf Courses, Leisure Travel Offices and Recycling Programs.


Audio Recording of Interview (Interviewee is her mother Joyce McIntire):

Minute Markers and Topics of Audio Recording of Interview

0:10     Entry into service and ranks achieved

1:00     Dates and locations of service and more ranks achieved

2:20     Nominated for military club management award

2:40     Military experiences

3:10     Reason for joining the Air Force

3:50     More military experiences

4:40     Reading of submitted letters that document her service

9:40     Communication with family

10:00   Basic training

10:20   Start of military service

12:00   Enlisted

12:20   More military experiences

13:40   More submitted letters and documents described that documented her service

15:00   Mother supported her decision join the Air Force

15:20   Current responsibilities at the Department of Defense and other stories

17:40   Friendships formed

18:40   Advice for potential soldiers

19:00   Benefits of being in the military

21:20   Lack of comments on recent wars

22:40   More of current responsibilities

23:40   Not affected by her service in the military

25:30   Entry into the Air Force

26:40   Description of another submitted document

27:50   Family members who served in the military


Photographs and Documents:


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